Fasting and hiking in Cancale and Belle-Île en Mer

Jeûner Côté Mer , (Fasting by the Coast),  Pleasure and sharing; our raison d'être

Fasting is essential today to my lifestyle. It's my way of loving food mindfully. Alongside walking and hiking, it gives me the health and vitality to truly savour life itself.

The Founder of Jeûner Côté Mer, Lina, invites you to come and share the extraordinary experience of fasting, to rediscover this innate capacity that lies dormant within each of us.

Fasting gives the gift of a space and retreat from your busy life. It allows your body to restore itself naturally, activating your potential for spiritual, psychological and physical healing and recovery of your inner strength. I suggest you change the way you think about your health, safely and holistically, relying on the intelligence of your body.

The energy saved by the absence of digestion offers each of your cells the opportunity for a ‘deep clean’. This process of autophagy is the natural, regulated mechanism of the cell that disassembles unnecessary or dysfunctional components. It allows the orderly degradation and recycling of cellular components and it is a miracle inscribed in our genes since the beginning of time.

I will accompany you throughout this process, which must be consciously acknowledged and prepared for in a calm and stress-free place.

You will be guided through each step: in the preparation of your fast, throughout the fast, and through to the serene and comfortable reintroduction of food in order for you to become grounded in the powerful effects of fasting.

With a medico-social background, Lina worked in a county council run care home for elderly people. This practice in gerontology led her to interest in the Buchinger Wilhelmi therapeutic fasting model which aims to prevent degenerative diseases and promote healthy aging. Using this as a foundation she created two "Jeûner Côté Mer" centres where, each year, she supports and guides women and men who come to fast in order to restore their health.


Inspired by Joël DE ROSNAY and Pierre RABHI, Lina likes to learn and to share that learning in communion with others.
Fasting is essential to her lifestyle and her usual diet is vegetarian, while practising and experiencing diversity and sharing.


"Sobriety is a joyful choice that produces a light, tranquil  and free life.

Happiness is not a thing to have and possess, but rather it is in the living and the being.Pierre Rabhi


Jeûner Côté Mer welcomes you to the heart of the magnificent and unspoiled nature of Belle-Ile en Mer and Cancale, to breathe the iodine rich sea air of the Channel or the Atlantic. You will share this experience with a group of eight to ten men and women in order to provide the context for true conviviality.

You will stay in comfortable houses located near the beaches where you can spend your free time.

Our Awareness Treks (10 to 12 km) along and around our exceptional coastline have been selected for their wild and preserved beauty. It is hard to imagine more beautiful landscapes and seascapes than those of Belle-Île en Mer or the Bay of Mont Saint Michel.


You will enjoy daily yoga and meditation sessions with Corinne or Annabel.


Jacques, a general practitioner and committed to the fasting way of life, is by my side to help me to accompany you safely.