Fasting is essential today to my lifestyle. It's my way of staying greedy and sensitive.


Joined to the hike, it offers me the health and the pleasure to chew the life.

Founder of Jeûner Côté Mer (Fasting Sea Side – Brittany, France), Lina invite you to come and make the extraordinary experience of fasting, to rediscover this innate capacity that lies dormant in each of us.
By fasting, you offer a beneficial parenthesis that allows your body to self-restore, you activate your potential for self-healing psychic and physical, you cover your inner strength. I suggest you rethink your health differently, safely and globally, relying on the intelligence of your body. The energy saved by the absence of digestion offers each of your cells the opportunity for a big housework. This mechanism of autophagy is a miracle inscribed in our genes since the beginning of time.
I assure you support in this process, which must be marked and prepared, thoughtful and planned out of stress.
You will be guided for each step: prepare your fast, during this one, and then for a serene and comfortable food recovery in order to root in you the powerful effects of fasting.


With a medico-social background, Lina worked at home care for elderly people on a county council. This practice in gerontology led her to the Buchinger Fast to develop the prevention of degenerative diseases and healthy aging. Then she created two centers "Jeûner Côté Mer" where she accompanies every year women and men come to fast to restore their health.


Inspired by Joël DE ROSNAY and Pierre RABHI, she likes to learn and share.
Fasting is essential to her lifestyle, she prefers a usually vegetarian diet, while tasting diversity and sharing.